It’s all about healthy eating

We started our company to help people succeed with healthy eating. We do two things for you:

First, we help you find a healthy way of eating that works for you, your lifestyle, your family. It’s not about aiming for perfection, it’s about what’s best for you and what is realistic.

Second, we help you get a new way of eating established in your life. This is why we have 12 week programs, an app and coaching from nutritionists. Learn more about how Ways of Eating works

What about weight loss?

Weight loss can be great for many people. It can be healthy, motivating and make you feel good. We love to help people succeed with (healthy) weight loss.

Don’t go on a diet, though. Diets are quick fixes. Instead, choose a healthy, long term, sustainable way of eating, and get it established in your life. This way, you lose some weight, you don’t put it back on, and you get healthier.

Why do we do it?

We have been there, done that and got the T-shirt, having found healthier ways of eating and lost weight ourselves.

When we first started, we felt cross because the food industry and the diet industry are part of the problem when they should be the part of the solution. So we started Ways of Eating to try to do it right.

Nowadays, we get to feel proud of all the people who have found a sustainable way of eating that genuinely works for them, and who are living happier, healthier lives as a result. If you’re not convinced, you can read some of our members’ stories here.

We hope you’ll come and join us.