Louise Kinnaird is a copywriter, blogger, mumsnetter, and a committed low carb eater. Here is her perspective on sustaining low carb eating for a lifetime.

You’ve wrestled with diets, on and off, for years. Each time, you’ve lost a few kilograms but then you’ve fallen off the wagon and ended up regaining the weight because you’ve lost focus. You are not alone.

Free yourself of the ‘diet’ mindset

Anyone can lose weight, that’s the easy part. With hard work and perseverance, a diet might help you to reach your goal, but it won’t keep you there. At some point your good intentions will slide down the drain and you’ll return to your old ways, and your old weight.

The first step to sustaining low carb is to rid yourself of a diet mindset, because a ‘diet’ is a temporary measure, for the short term only. Understand that all diets, including low-carb ones, are temporary and ineffective.

If you’re looking for long-term success you need to find a way of eating that you’ll do forever. You must think low carb living rather than a low carb diet.

Don’t deprive yourself

In the pursuit of health, and slender thighs, you believe you can endure the deprivation that comes with a diet, and resist temptation. But, more often than not, you’ll focus on what you can’t have; that delicious crusty bread, or those delectable hot-buttered potatoes, rather than what you can have; plenty of chicken, fish, and delicious salads. But long term carb restriction is not about depriving yourself, it’s about changing your perception of bread, potatoes and rice as favourite foods.

Find new foods to love, to satisfy your cravings. Whether it’s chicken thighs or steak, avocados or cheese, eat plenty of the foods you love during the emotionally testing times when your willpower is hitting the floor. Because if one thing is certain, you will have moments of weakness. We all do.

Be creative

If you’re going to limit a food group forever, you’ve really got to love what you’re eating so it’s important that you continuously seek out new foods, products and recipes that are low-carb but enjoyable. Walk the aisles of the supermarket scanning ingredient lists, be creative and inventive with dishes, seek non carb substitutes such as Portobello mushroom buns, cauliflower ‘rice’, butternut squash fries, or courgette ‘pasta’.

Remember too that even if you do succumb to a slice of hot buttered toast in a moment of weakness, all is not lost. Renew your resolution to remain low carb and continue on your journey. Eventually your new habit will become easier to sustain and you will no longer have to be conscious of everything you eat.

Changing your habits of eating is not easy, but there is support available. The Ways of Eating app offers you the essential advice and support you need to kick start your journey, and empowers you to make low carb living a lifelong strategy for health and wellbeing.