We’re back, we’re bigger, and we’re definitely better looking.  Thank you to all our wonderful members who joined on our first website; your feedback was fantastic.  We’re completely delighted that so many of you lost weight and are continuing to do so, for the long term. After a hard working summer we’re really excited to launch our new Ways of Eating App.

The App allows you to do the whole program through your phone (Apple or Android). You will always have it with you for motivation, information, and support from your program leader.




We are especially proud of our new Photo Food Log in the app. We think it is really going to help you succeed. It is an easy, fun way to help you ‘catch’ yourself eating. You can see patterns in what you eat: when you eat well and badly, who you are with – and how the food made you feel.  More than one study has shown that logging what you eat and drink leads to a greater weight loss over 12 months.   We even have a premium version where a nutritionist will review your photo food log daily, giving you personal advice, tips and support each day of the program.

There is lots more in the app. Learning, groups to join, trackers so you can feel good as you make progress… and a bit of fun along the way. We can’t wait to get started.

Yours in health,

The Ways of Eating Team