Week 1

Find your way of eating

Over the first few days, you’ll learn how to log your food, track your process and make sure you’ve found the right way of eating for you.

Week 2

Starting your new way of eating

With help from your nutritionist and some initial prep work, it’s time to get cracking with your way of eating.

Week 3

Building new habits

This week, you’ll learn how to turn your new habits into permanent ones and keep them going, for life.

Week 4

Motivation and goals

We’ll look at what makes you tick, what motivates you and what goals you’d like to set to help you stay on track and hit them.

Week 5

Learning about food and nutrition

Almost half way through your program, it’s time to learn a bit more of the science behind your way of eating.

Week 6

Understanding stress and sleep

We’ll look at how these factors can effect and enhance your eating and work on how to improve both.

Week 7

Improving your relationship with food

This week is all about what triggers make us eat even when we’re not hungry and how to combat them.

Week 8

Understanding the changes in your body as you lose weight

We’ll look at how your body changes when you lose weight, why this happens and some tricks to ensure you don’t regain what you’ve lost.

Week 9

Learning how to adapt

For a way of eating to last a lifetime, it needs to be personal to you. From holidays to eating out, you’ll learn to deal with temporary changes.

Week 10

Time to look ahead

For some, this is the start of a longer weight loss journey. For others, it’s about incorporating your new way of eating into your life, for life.

Week 11

Celebrate your progress and success

However far you’ve come in your new way of eating, this week is all about rewarding yourself and celebrating your success.

Week 12

Wrap up and wind down

While your coach will still be on hand all week, this where we summarise all the learnings, wrap up and get you set up for the future.