What is Real Foods Eating?

A real foods way of eating is built on choosing what is wholesome, healthy, and natural. You cut out processed and packaged products, fast foods, soft drinks – if it is made in a factory, avoid it.

Reals foods is a long term, sustainable way of eating. There is no calorie or carb counting or cutting out whole food groups, just healthy, balanced meals.

Real Foods is perfect for people who love food, especially if you want to cook more. The emphasis is on the quality of food, on real ingredients as nature intended.

If you want to lose weight, you can do it with real foods. You will cut out the bad stuff – sugary drinks, snacks, processed food, XL portions, replace it with healthy whole foods – and find you naturally lose weight and feel great.

Real foods combines good eating with choosing a healthier lifestyle - exercise, sleep, and mindfulness are all important.

Why choose real foods as your way of eating?

Real foods is great for people whose long term goal is health. You can lose weight too- by cutting out the junk, learning to eat balanced, healthy meals, emphasising healthy lifestyle and a good relationship with food, you will reach a healthy weight, naturally!

Foodies also love real foods. They appreciate the emphasis on quality and natural foods….and following this Way of Eating is much easier if you enjoy cooking for yourself and others.

Real foods is also Ideal for Vegetarians and Vegans, with emphasis on fresh, plant based, whole foods.

Many people choose real foods for healthy weight maintenance. It works so well as a permanent way of life. Some of our members move on to Real foods after losing weight with Fasting, or Low carb.

Real foods is a great way of eating for

  • People who want health as well as weight loss
  • Food lovers, especially people who love to cook for themselves
  • Vegetarians, vegans and people who believe in natural products
  • Maintainers who have lost weight and now want a healthy and permanent way of eating
  • People who want to explore their relationship with food
  • People who want a way of life that includes exercise, mindfulness…and healthy eating

Real foods is not a good way of eating for

  • People whose only goal is to lose weight rapidly
  • Busy people who do not have time to cook or shop for fresh foods
  • People who love a bit of processed food or junk and won't give it up….but want to lose weight and be healthier (try Fasting)